Compare and Contrast Two Short Stories

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Daniel Tran Instructor: Kelly Murray ENG 102-03 Oct 16th, 2013 Critical Essay #1: Short Fiction Thesis Essay Both “The Storm” by Kate Chopin and “The Chrysanthemums” by John Steinbeck discuss about the love, sex, marriage and the relationship between wife and husband. The author of the Storm conveys to the readers that marriage is traditional but normal sexual practice could be accepting. In “The Chrysanthemums”, Steinbeck displays women lacks of ability and power as men in that period of time. Throughout the readings, I recognize similarities between “the Storm” and “the Chrysanthemums” in themes of desire for change, the important of sexual fulfillment, and inequality of gender. In “The Storm”, Chopin expresses her opinion and idea to speak for marriage women’s sexual desire in the late1800’s. Back to the story, sexuality is not only fulfills Calixta’s sexual desire and also gives her joy and satisfaction. To be more specific, this story focused on the storm, love, sex, and marriage. At that period of time, Chopin conveys to the readers that women don’t have much opportunities and powers to speak for themselves. The author illustrates to all the women how lonely and dependently women have in the family. In the story, Calixta’s husband doesn’t quite recognize her sexual desire. For that reason, Calixta and Alcee experienced the passionate moment while her husband is away with their sons. “When he touched her breasts they gave themselves up in quivering ecstasy, inviting his lips. Her mouth was a fountain of delight. And when he possessed her, they seemed to swoon together at very borderland of life’s mystery.” (Chopin 502 p II). This quote emphasizes the joy that Calixta has during sexual act is immeasurable. This displays how much she enjoys to have sexual with her ex-boyfriend, Alcee when her husband is away. Chopin describes Calixta as a brave, independent,
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