Submision "The Hand by Sidonie Gabrielle Colette

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Most young women dream of being married. At least that is the opinion of most male writers. In marriage women are portrayed as their ultimate goal in life is to serve her husband man, the man she loves. Her dreams are to give birth to her husband’s children and make his home a place of comfort to return to. However in the story “The Hand” written by Sidonie Gabrielle Colette the struggle that many women face is apparent. The story is introduced with the perspective of the young bride’s adoration of her husband and the perfection she sees in him. As the story continues she becomes more disgusted with her husband and even more with her role in the marriage. Sidonie Gabrielle Colette uses the techniques of point of view, symbolize, and irony to the tell the story of the young bride and ultimately most married people, how over time the perfectionism fades and the realism surfaces. The male point of view is that women dream of marriage; that every woman need a man to make her complete. Male writers have had the woman even seen as a predator, the one that actually working at capturing the unsuspecting male as if he is prey. Scheming, plotting, and planning to walk down the aisle to the bliss of eternal happiness. Sidonie Gabrielle Colette gives a refreshing female point of view. The young bride finds herself at a crossroads of confusion and frustration. She realizes that this is not the ultimate utopia that she had dreamed. That her life was not complete. The young bride awakens to the reality of her permanent position of an indenture servant (it was not slavery for she had agreed to it). The young bride expresses the feeling of many woman of today and yesterday regarding the stereotypical role of women in a marriage. The bride began to see her new life as something out of her control. The book revealed that she felt kidnapped. The bride is no longer in newlywed bliss,
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