Symbolism in Heroine of Tender Is the Night to Zelda Fitzgerald

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Symbolism in Heroine of Tender is the Night to Zelda Fitzgerald F. Scott Fitzgerald had a captivating life with his wife Zelda. The heroines in Fitzgerald’s novels and Zelda have many things in common. Fitzgerald and Zelda were considered adored by society, but eventually their tumultuous relationship proved to be the destruction of their marriage and lives. Zelda Fitzgerald greatly influenced Fitzgerald’s characters in his writing. Zelda and Nicole Diver in Tender is the Night are rich socialites seduced by living in the exuberant lifestyles they were accustomed to enjoying. Zelda Fitzgerald and Nicole Diver also are very dependent on their husbands for support of their lavish ways and their mental stability. In the end, both women are plagued with mental illness that is crippling, and forces both husbands to be their support system. Fitzgerald utilized the heroine Nicole Diver to symbolize his relationship with his erratic wife Zelda in Tender is the Night. In the beginning of both the Fitzgerald’s and the Diver’s relationships Zelda and Nicole are rich socialites. They are captivated by drinking, carousing, and celebrating every occasion. They enjoyed being in the spotlight and reveling in the adoration of their peers. In Tender is the Night “In marrying his rich patient, Nicole Warren, the psychiatrist Dick Diver trades intellectual mastery and manly autonomy for a role of inglorious service to powerful heiresses”(Onderdonk). In trying to be both doctor and therapist Diver ends up struggling to keep up with his wives shopping sprees and erratic behavior. The way Dick Diver takes care of his wife is very much the same as how F. Scott Fitzgerald has to support and cater to his wife’s whims. The women love to be the center of attention, come from wealthy families, and love to live in excess. They try to mold and manipulate the world into trying to seeing a
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