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Create your Works Cited page here. Remember to follow the formatting instructions in the lesson. (I tried my best to follow the lesson instructons for the format :p) Works Cited Juba, South Sudan. “Half of the Girls in South Sudan Forced to Marry.” -The Associated Press. Copyright 2013. Plan-UK. “Early and Forced Marriage.” United Nations Population Fund. Breaking Vows Plan UK 2010. UN Publications. “The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.” -United Nations 2013. Part B: Identify specific information from your sources that can be used as supporting evidence in your essay. Source 1: Re-type or copy and paste the information for your first source (alphabetically) here. Use correct MLA format. Juba, South Sudan. “Half…show more content…
“Early and Forced Marriage.” United Nations Population Fund. Breaking Vows Plan UK 2010. Source 1: Answer the following questions about your first source here: What information from this source seems the most important? Include at least twospecific quotations, facts, statistics or pieces of evidence. This most vital information from this article is the reasons behind forced/early marriages. As it says in the article, “In countries where the legal age of marriage differs from by sex, the age for women is always lower.” Another piece controversially states that “The 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that marriage should be 'entered only with the free and full consent of the intending spouses'. Where one of the parties getting married is under 18, consent cannot always assumed to be 'free and full'.” Explain how this information supports your essay. The information stated above is relevant and supports my essay because in the novel I am reading, Janie is forced to marry a man at an extremely young age. Janies Nanny is one to blame, as she is forcing this upon young Jamie because her mother (Leaft) was not successful and disappointed her loved ones, and the Nannie thinks she is doing her good, setting her up for a happy life. Woman in Jainie's day were expected to act a certain way, and were thus not treated

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