Compare and Contrast the Beatles and Mozart

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Kimberly Kile SOC VO1 Midterm Exam Fall 2012 1. Sociology is the study of human social interaction. Sociology helps us better understand how global interdependance affects everyone of us. 2. Hypothesis: The association between poverty and intellectual disability has been well documented. however, little is known about persons with mental illness who face circumstances of extreme poverty, such as homelessness. The need for epidemiological research appears particularly clear in light of the fact that below-average intellectual functioning has been identified as a risk factor for homelessness and a predisposing factor for vulnerability among street people. Persons with mental disabilities and experienced chronic homelessness that appeared to parallel the number and severity of their other problems.The independant variable is the mental illness.The dependant variable is homelessness. The best way to approach the problem would be toadress the issue of mental illness. If we can make services more accessable to these people maybe we can start to really make a differance. Why is the Ventura County Behavior Health Center located near the college and most of our homeless population live near the Ventura Ave. and river bottom? 3. C. Wright Mills theory of social imagination helps us understand that our own personal troubles do have an impact on the world around us. 4. Language is important because according to the Safir-Whorf hypothesis it not only expresses our thoughts but influences our perception of reality. 5. Self-concept,according to Mead is the theory of generalized other. Children play act out their own concept of themselves. 6. My status set would be middle class. My ascribed staus would be average,

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