Compare And Contrast Soldier's Home By Ernest Hemingway

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Ernest Hemingway’s “Soldier’s Home” reflects the experiences that he felt when he returned home from the war. He uses the main character of Krebs, who lives in a small town in Oklahoma just as Hemingway was from a small town in Illinois. When Hemingway finished high school he went to work at a newspaper but Krebs went to college. From there, they both volunteered for the armed forces;, Hemingway to be in the medical unit were he was wounded several times and Krebs for the Marines and he left college to serve his country, that was a time when the draft could have been initiated. Hemingway has come to use literature as a way of telling of his experiences during the war and he uses Krebs as the main character to do this. When Krebs returns from the war, he is distant, despondent, has no interest in anything or anyone, and is very lifeless. The only thing that he showed interest in was his younger sister who asked him to go and watch her throw baseballs, which was something that we can presume from the reading that he showed her how to do. He returned to a…show more content…
Krebs also shows no interest in anything but the comparison between Krebs and Hemingway is that there are no major celebrations during their homecomings because either they came home later than everyone or they were injured. And lastly, there is the relationship between family members and friends. Krebs had kept his friends at a distance when he returned and kept his family there until his mother pushed her way through. The only other person that was able to get through to Krebs was his sister because he felt the need to go and watch her play indoor baseball because he taught her how to pitch. Hemingway did the same thing after the war. He proceeded to keep everyone at a distance except for a close friend who had helped him to get a job and helped him get his life

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