Compare And Contrast Malcolm X And Martin Luther King

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Great Leaders Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Junior were both African American who fought for equal opportunity for blacks in America, and both were in the civil rights movement, but they had different philosophy of life. Malcolm’s philosophies that violence must be stopped by any means necessary, and King’s philosophy was that in order to stop violence a person must ignore it, and sooner or later the violence will stop. They also had different beliefs Malcolm was a Muslim and King was a Baptist. King and Malcolm were two important figures who made a powerful impact in America during the turbulent 1960. In 1960 there was a lot of separation between the blacks and the whites. The blacks were not allowed to sit in front of the bus; they…show more content…
King believed in order to stop violence we should not do anything but ignore it. He believed that violence begins more violence. He said “darkness cannot drive out of darkness; only light can do that” (Martin Luther King Jr). He believed that violence can only lead to two things hospital or cemetery. He said “at the center of non-violence stands the principle of love” (Martin Luther King Junior). Malcolm x believed that the only way to stop violence is by any means necessary. He believed that if someone hits you and you ignore it, that person is going to continue hitting you. He said, “Obey the law, respect everyone, but if someone puts their hands on you, sent him to the cemetery”. Malcolm was not a violent person he just did not like people to take advantage of him or his people. He said “I ‘am for violence if non-violence means we continue postponing a solution to the American black man’s problems just to avoid violence” ” (Malcolm X). Malcolm philosophy was successful, but not as successful as King. The reason that African Americans have equal opportunity today is because of King’s methods. At the end both King and Malcolm were assassinated for a cause they both fought
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