Alfred M Green Speech Analysis

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The Civil War was one of the most trying times in U.S. history. This was a battle fought for over a four year period that strewed American blood over the lines dividing the north and south. This became the first war that African Americans were given the right to fight in. These African Americans were convinced to join the Union due to Alfred M. Green’s speech. Alfred M. Green’s use of contrasting tones reveals his true feelings behind African American’s involvement in the Civil War. Initially, Green does not suppress his disapproval for the treatment of African Americans. He believes that they should have as much right to fight for their freedom as the white man standing next to them. The only problem with this idea is that there has been a long term debate throughout history as to whether blacks should participate on…show more content…
Within the first month of the Civil War African Americans were prohibited from joining the Union Army. Green was determined to change this. In his speech, Green repeatedly says “it is true” when discussing prior events that placed African Americans behind the front lines. This was done to acknowledge that even though they were once overlooked they are desperately needed now to fight for their own freedom. Green also repeatedly reiterates the phrase “let us.” By referring to the audience as one entity it makes the bond that they share, being African American, stronger because it shows that they are all in this together and share the same experiences. He says the word “us” instead of “you” because he is deeply involved in this movement for African Americans to be part of the Union and he is also one of them. The saying “let us” that he uses is to illustrate that they must take action if they want to see a change. The repetition that Green uses stresses the relentless demand for African Americans to take up arms in the Civil
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