Compare And Contrast Essay

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Dunia Ibrahimi January 15, 2012 Period. 1 Compare and Contrast Essay Athens and Sparta were two of the most powerful and well known cities among all the Greek nations. Both Athens and Sparta had many similarities and differences whether it is culturally or politically. For instance the way that these cities were governed and their political procedures and functions are similar yet much different from each other. Although these two important cities located in Greek were very important in history they had differences but they also had many similarities whether it be cultural or political. There were many differences and similarities between Athens and Sparta both culturally politically. One major difference between the two major cities was the way in which their leaders or kings were elected. The process in which Athens elected their leader was called direct democracy. It was called direct democracy for the simple fact that the citizens got to choose who their leader would be. Sparta used an oligarchy as a form of government, which means that only a few powerful people rule the government system. Athenians were therefore able to have more say in government elections and could help choose a better candidate to be the king or president because the common people might have more knowledge than the higher up government official whom probably haven’t seen how hard life can be.. Another difference between Athens and Sparta politically is the amount of freedom the citizens were given to speak. In Athens if the citizens don’t like a certain idea or law that is being said, they can speak more openly about if they don’t think the law or idea is right or if they have questions about it. On the other hand in Sparta if you have an idea of your own or do not agree with something that a government official might say during a public debate you have a limited say in it
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