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Beach vacations vs. City vacations All people do not have the opportunity to go on a vacation, but for the fortunate, the big question is, “where should we go?” When we go on vacation, we have to decide where we want to go according to what we have in mind. City vacations are very different than beach vacations. I will be discussing different activities in both places, the items you will need to pack, and the different pace of life in both vacation areas. The beach is amongst the most popular places that people like to vacation to, nationwide. The first major influence for someone picking their vacation is the activities you can do. Everyone likes to have a little fun and experience new things on vacations. When you go to the beach for vacation, there are many activities you can take part in such as sailing, fishing, surfing, waterskiing, boating, swimming, or you can even take advantage of the sun and grab a tan on the beach. In some cases, you may be able to swim with dolphins or even feed sharks. On the other hand, in cities you can visit different sites such as museums, theaters, downtown districts, and other important buildings. There may also be big concerts or shows. Another big difference between vacationing to the beach or in the city is the clothing and equipment you will need to pack to be prepared for the different environments. If you decide to go to the beach for vacation, you will mainly need bathing suits, t-shirts, shorts, sandals, sunglasses, goggles, and sunscreen. Then consider going to the city for vacation, you will have to be walking around a lot so you will need to dress comfortably such as wearing jeans and a comfortable pair of tennis/running shoes. You will also need to pack fancy clothes in case you go to a nice dinner or a play or concert. The final difference between vacationing to beach hot spots or city hot spots is

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