Compare an Contrast Places

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Can two cities, located within the same region of California share similar qualities, yet have distinct differences? I have lived in San Diego for the last five years and I have also resided in Los Angeles for 10 years. As a result of living in both cities, I have found many similarities and differences between these two sister cities. Three major similarities and differences can be found within the environments, lifestyles and the job markets of both major metropolitan cities. These cities are both known worldwide and have mass appeal. If one is faced with an option of moving to either city, it can prove to be a hard decision to make. Los Angeles and San Diego have similar environments. Both are large cities, with a large population. Cities with a large population tend to be overcrowded, have a higher rate of automobile traffic, high crime rate and a competitive real estate market. These are qualities Los Angeles and San Diego share. Although San Diego does not have as great of a problem with traffic and statistically has a lower crime rate than Los Angeles, both cities, nonetheless have a presence of these negative issues. San Diego may have a large population, as does Los Angeles, but it does have a small city feel to it. Los Angeles is a more of an aggressive city where the people are oblivious to others around them. San Diego is more laid back and because of this, the people seem to be more polite and acknowledge others around them. For example, I find that the locals of San Diego are more likely to say hello to a stranger than in Los Angeles where a local is more apt to ignore someone and not even make any eye contact. The lifestyles of Los Angeles and San Diego both have the infamous Southern California feel. Both cities take pride of the almost year round sunny weather and its large athletic healthy community. With the sunny weather comes a huge beach
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