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No Fancy Words; Just Plain Unique “Here in Houston, it looks like the future belongs to everything” Mark Doty. Houston is considered the fourth largest city in the United States. With that said, there are plenty of assumptions of what Houston might be like, especially to new comers. Houston is a unique place compared to the top three cities – New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago. When Houston was beginning to form in the 1910s, politicians and majors where focused on major occurring events such as WWI, the Great Depression, WWII, among others. Planning for a city during rough times was out of the agenda and it was never a priority until the late 1960s where commercial real estate development began. That was when a large amount…show more content…
Which in fact it is, since is the fourth largest city in the United States. Houston is a unique city; a multicultural city that has diversity in every corner you take. The high population that live in Houston see it as a home not because it’s highly populated but because all its population make it what it is right now. Furthermore, because Houston is a metropolis, there are stereotypes that come with it. Some of these stereotypes consist of: high amounts of traffic, raised gas prices, and elevated housing costs. Traffic in Houston can be explained as an action reaction problem. Houston is a metropolis; it has a large population that needs a bunch of modes of transportation which results in high amounts of traffic. Similarly, New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago have the same problem in one way or another. Gasoline prices are an issue that stretches nationwide; however, Houston is known for its oil refineries as well as crude oil below the ground. Because of the easier access to oil, gas prices are lower than in other regions. On average, the gas price in Los Angeles price is $4.15 per gallon while in Houston is $3.39; almost a dollar difference per gallon. As of housing costs: the cost of a 300 square foot apartment in New York City is equivalent to the cost a 2,500 square foot house in Houston. So just do the math. And these are one of the many qualities that make…show more content…
At first I didn’t understand such decision because we had relatives in Los Angeles and Miami. All I could think about was what could possibly be in Houston. Los Angeles had Hollywood, the celebrities and the mountains. Miami had a nicer weather, the scenery and diverse cuisines. On the other hand, Houston was crowded, humid and just plain odd. But the longer I lived in Houston the more I learned about its uniqueness. In Houston there is culture, along with rodeos; champagne, along with beer and designer stores, along with Wal-Mart. Therefore there are no words to explain Houston, you have to experience it. Sometimes it seems like a different culture, but it’s a culture that many choose because it allows you to feel at home without being pretentious. In the past four days, my views about Houston have changed even further. Different sources that we have used in class have enlightened my knowledge and as well have made me feel naïve. So far, I think of Houston with two different perspectives in mind. One perspective is that from the very start, Houston wasn’t the typical city; it was unique in its own little way. The second perspective is that always, there is something new to

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