Commutible Disease Essay

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Communicable Disease- Communicable Disease- Human Papillomavirus For centuries sexually transmitted diseases and or infections have been a threat to public health and today still are far from being obsolete. One of the most common sexually transmitted infections is the human papillomavirus, also referred to as HPV. Described by the Mayo Clinic (2013) website, this communicable disease is infectious to both men and women the same shared through contact, infecting the genital areas, mouth, and throat. There are a number of health problems that infected individuals may suffer from; some including genital warts and certain cancers. In many cases the virus is fought off by the individual’s immune system prior to causing any serious health issues. The majority of HPV carriers do not even know that they are infected, and at higher risk to spreading it to others. In the past decade it has become recommended that adolescent males and females be vaccinated against the HPV infection. For females there are two vaccines available, Cervarix and Gardasil. Both vaccines are prevention efforts to control the likeliness of vaginal, vulvar, and anal cancers. Parents may also request that their sons and daughters be vaccinated beginning at the age of nine. Gardasil alone is what is offered to males, in efforts to protect against genital warts as well as anal and throat cancers. There is no question of whether HPV is a risk; rather the questions of the environmental factors, influence of lifestyles, and what is being done by public health departments to reduce the threat of HPV. Studies have recently found some underlining factors relating to this sexually transmitted infection. Environmental factors such as living conditions, pollution, prostitution, cost of living, and economic struggle are all considerable influences on the higher rated areas of the United States affected by

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