“Can Chlamydia Be Stopped?”

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“Can Chlamydia be Stopped?” 1There are several different species of Chlamydia which causes unusual diseases. The species Pneumoniae causes the disease Pneumonia and possibly atherosclerosis. Psittaci triggers psittacosis which is a flulike infection of the lungs that can cause inflammation of the liver, heart, and brain. The species Tranchomatis initiate Trachoma, which is painful eye infection which begins as conjunctivitis and leads to scarring of the cornea and possible blindness. Trachonatis can also cause a sexually transmitted disease of the adult genital tract and can produce conjunctivitis and Pneumonia in newborns. The last species is Trochomatis which causes lymphogranuloma venereum (an STD of the lymph glands in the genital area). 2 In women Chlamydia moves up the genital tract into the fallopian tubes. This causes inflammation and scarring of the fallopian tubes. If a woman is unaware of this it can 5ther to be infertile or she can have a life-threatening tubal pregnancy. 3 One major obstacle to the making of a vaccine is chlamydia’s sneaky way of wreaking disorder on the body. Chlamydia does not damage tissues directly; they extract a keen immune response that attempts to rein in the infection through inflammation for as long as the bacteria remain in the body as a substitute. This way of fighting the infection essentially brings on the long-term damage. Vaccines prevent illness by priming the immune system to react powerfully to specific disease-causing agents, but in this case, the inflammatory component of such a response can cause more harm than good. 4 Chlamydia refurbish the cell’s entry vacuoles to avoid lysosomes, enabling the bacteria to reproduce freely while separated physically from the rest of the infected call. If the lysosomes cannot produce bits of the bacteria to present on the cell surface, subsequently the T-cell

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