Critical Regulatory Issue In Health Care

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Running head: ARTICLE OR CASE LAW Article or Case Law Search India Bell HCS/430 March 12, 2012 Dr. Christie Artuso HIV- Critical Regulatory Issue When concerning critical regulatory issue in health care it is an ample subject, and it will always cause a debate. According to the United States Department of Human Services HIV/AIDS has been unlike any other public health issue of our time”. (U.S. Department of Human Services, 2012) Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) can only infect human, by weaken the immune system and attacking the important cells that help fight against infection and diseases, and the virus takes over the cells. One important element that we know is that HIV can be in a person body for a long time and starts…show more content…
. According to U.S. Department of Human Services “When it became clear that HIV was infectious, and that it was potentially fatal, there was not treatment. This led to wide spread stigma and discrimination against people living with HIV/AIDS”. (U.S. Department of Human Services, 2012) Despite the many prevention and intervention, HIV remains a main importance in public health threats in the United States and the current century. The most challenging part of controlling HIV is the traditional and new medication through public health facilities. Many health officials, HIV/AIDS advocates, medical professionals try to bring forward their best effort to help people with HIV/AIDS not to get discriminated against. Years later after so much discrimination, Congress had passed several Federal laws that will protect many individuals living with HIV/AIDS to stop discrimination and give them the same protection as everyone with a medical…show more content…
If a person is living with HIV/AIDs are very well protected against discrimination American with Disabilities Act does not allow discrimination for anyone who has HIV/AIDS and also protect the individuals friends and family from discrimination because a family member has HIV/AIDS. An individual feel that he or she has a form of discrimination can use resources to file a complaint with that hospital, doctor’s office, and health facilities. Currently there is prevention that can help many individuals stay safe and Congress is constantly passing laws to address

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