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It sounds contradictory that “community services” may be obligatory in some cases but, usually it does. Community service for me is an elective activity for those that are wishing to provide their services to the society; however, many people refers to this term as the activities that aren’t remunerate for one or other reason and are mandatory to do, would you work for free, even if you need to make money for your family or for pay your studies?. I personally think that community services shouldn’t be mandatory for the young people in our society. They have the right to choose what they want to do with their lives, if they want to study, have family, cooperate with their families and work, or by their own decision provide their services to the military. In my humble opinion, no voluntary activity should be obligatory required. For me, community services should be reserved for those that in some way, are or were harmful for our society and need to be disciplined in some way. For example, in many countries serve to the military is mandatory, but what happens with those that because of their principles don’t want do it or aren’t feeling comfortable with this? Or if they have another plan for their lives, like studying or having a remunerate job. In the majority of cases of young people who are just turned 18 are forced to serve to their country in the military forces, but what if they don’t have the maturity to face such a huge responsibility like operate weapons, or killed people if someone sends them to? It could lead to severe mental imbalances and could perpetually affect their normal development throughout their lives. They have the right to choose the option that they think is the best for them. Another reason that makes me think that community services shouldn’t be mandatory is the fact that often they aren’t remunerate. In many cases, you’re called to

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