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Bryan Helrigel English 121 I-Search paper Draft 1 November 17, 2009 If they only were aware of his previous record as a sex offender… If only they knew a child sexual predator was living next door. When we think of these awful things, we always think of what could have been done differently. Being a parent myself, I always hope for the best for my child, but fear the worst. Because I work in the security industry,I’m more aware of criminal activities than most parents who are less knowledgeable about the criminal justice field. Among many fears, child sexual abuse is in my top five. As a result, I keep up on current events and notification laws. Research Process When I began my research for my paper, I…show more content…
From researching my previous topic, I came upon two research journal articles by Henny H. Kim presenting opposing viewpoints about community notification laws. One is titled, “Community Notification Laws Help Prevent Child Abuse,” and argues that these laws have helped communities and neighborhoods by providing them with the names of released sexual predators, thus helping prevent repeat offenders from attacking other children. The other article, “Community Notification Laws Do Not Prevent Child Abuse,” states that these laws violate the rights of sexual offenders by punishing them after their time is served. Although these articles are small, only three to four pages, both present opposing viewpoints of community notification laws. This will become my main focal point of my…show more content…
The main question I had was if community notification laws are going to increase in strength, stay the same, or be taken away as time passes. I would hope that they would stay the same for the most part. One thing that I would hope for would be harsher punishment if the released offender becomes a repeat offender. If a registered sexual offender doesn’t resister when he moves, what steps are taken to locate this offender? With this question in mind, if I completed this paper again, I would attempt to interview a police department. I did try to interview the College of Lake County police department, but there was a lot of red tape to go through and the time frame for this paper made it undoable. Another thing that I would change would be the benefit of a survey. I would create a survey to pass out and collect more data on what the public thought about community notification

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