Community-Based-Corrections Essay

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Running head: Community-Based Corrections Unit #1 Assignment Expository Essay Community-Based Corrections Rose M. Pope CJ524-01N: Community-Based Corrections Kaplan University Professor: Dr. Patricia Warren April 29, 2011 ABSTRACT "The population of offenders are changing very rapidly as well as the characteristics with today's criminals. In order to meet the change correction officials must meet the challenge. We must understand that the criminals are more oriented towards violence and drug use than criminals in the past. "A change in the correctional philosophy and redesigns of community-based correctional institutions is called to meet the characteristically changing of the criminal population in the late 1970's. Drug-free and nonviolent offenders who dominated the prison populations in the 1940-1970 are still a substantial minority. The bulk is comprise by mostly parolees, probationers and pretrial releases. However, many of the offenders who are highly aggressive drug users or drug involved offenders calls for redesigning of expert replacement and experimental programs within and around the community based on the social characteristics of areas that are affluent suburbia, rural or small town surroundings as well as the inner cities are analyzed for the purpose of support for the offenders. The attitudes in the community is suitable for the community-based offenders. (GLR). The suburbia influential is what they referred to as an excellent choice, in which it's called because of the strong social services and support of sympathetic citizenry." "Traditional approaches such as, small towns and rural areas are usually appropriate especially for those emphasizing individual counseling and personal ties. There are many problems that exist, but urban areas that are large have strength and weaknesses. The fact of the matter is there are many

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