Com 230 Short Answer 2 Assignment

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Answer 1. What are the two primary functions of a theory? Using these functions, explain why theories are useful in small group communication. --Answer below: Great job stating the functions of theory, however, in this answer you need to expand more by explaining why theories are useful in small group communication. (-3 points). In small group communication, theories are useful because they help you explain communication behaviors and/or predict the outcome of communication practices. For example, during Addison’s freshman year of college, she knew she’d never make it through four years without a solid group of like-minded friends. In high school, her speech class briefly covered symbolic convergence theory. Addison used this theory as she tried out different school clubs asking questions about the group’s past events, traditions and so on to find out common themes. In doing so, she realized what was truly important to each group and could decide if it was a club she wanted to commit to for the next several years. The two basic functions of theory are to explain and to also predict. .:2. Which of the five theories discussed in this lesson seems the most beneficial to you and why? Provide two specific examples from a small group in your life to justify your reasoning. --Answer below: As you are aware from this lesson, theory functions to explain and predict. For more insight on the predictive nature of theory and development of theoretical models, review this article investigating predictors of successful co-parenting in divorced couples. Finzi-Dottan, R., & Cohen, O. (2014). Predictors of Parental Communication and Cooperation Among Divorcing Spouses. Journal Of Child & Family Studies, 23(1),
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