College Decisions: St. Leo V. Boston College

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College Decisions For a graduating senior in high school, the most important decision they have to make is about which college to spend the next four, or maybe more years of their life attending. I know that when I was trying to make by college decision I had to research, visit, and compare and contrast all the schools that I liked. It came down to two very excellent, but very different schools. I fell in love with, and got accepted to Saint Leo University, and Boston College. My deciding factors on which school was better for me to attend included location, class size, and price. I started by observing Saint Leo University and its location, class size, and price. I found out that Saint Leo University was located an hour north of my house, in sunny Saint Leo, Florida. I figured that being an hour away from my home, I was far enough, yet I could go home if anything ever came up. Next I learned that in 2007, Saint Leo had an on campus enrolment of about 1,500 students. This showed me that this institution would have small class sizes with more teacher student interaction. I knew that I wouldn’t just be a number at Saint Leo, I knew I…show more content…
Boston College is located in no other than my favorite city on earth, Boston. I grew up fifteen minutes north of Boston and loved the facts that I would be so close to all of my extended family, and 10 blocks away from the home of the Boston Red Sox, Fenway Field. Although the location was ideal for me, the class sizes and price were not. With 14,395 full time, on campus students, I would be just a number at BC. I would not get the personal attention that I need to learn, and I doubt if I would even know everyone in my graduating class. The next disappointing thing to me was the price. I didn’t receive any financial aid, so the cost for me would be the full cost which is $46,210. This price was far too high for me and my

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