Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Treatment Plan

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Treatment Plan The following is a broken-down treatment plan to assist Bradley’s needs upon entering the Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice. This treatment team decided that Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) would be the best option to base a treatment plan off of that would successfully meet all of Bradley’s current needs. CBT can be used effectively to create impulse control and insight into Bradley’s negative behaviors and assisting him in creating positive behaviors instead. One of the problematic behaviors evidenced in Bradley is that of his anger and defying authority. Often times if situations do not work out in his favor he becomes easily angered and starts to disobey rules. Bradley would disobey rules at school, at home,…show more content…
The main problem that will be focused on at first is Bradley’s sexual inappropriate behavior. This is due to it being the most concerning problem, and it will provide a good therapeutic base to work off of. It is important to first address the disturbed feelings Bradley has and how those feelings are evident through his behaviors and thoughts. To address his sexual inappropriateness, Bradley will need to be taught about victim empathy. To be able to work on understanding his sexual inappropriateness, Bradley will first need to recognize how it affects others and be able to view his behaviors from the victim’s point of view. It may be helpful to create role plays with Bradley to be able to fully show him the impact of his actions. Also, it would be beneficial to provide Bradley with healthy sexuality and sex education classes. This is due to helping Bradley create positive cognitive processes about sexual…show more content…
It helped to understand his faulty behaviors and decision making and to hopefully take a step toward the right path of correcting such irrational thought processes. It gives the treatment team the ability to begin to uncover the reasons that are behind the outwardly manifested behaviors. There are previous studies who have analyzed sexual offender behavior using a CBT approach. Using the CBT approach for future treatment with Bradley will enable the treatment team to specifically look into how Bradley feels his risk factors are affecting him. This treatment plan focuses on taking negative thinking patterns and inserting positive thinking patterns in their place. One study looked at this process as the Thought Changing Process. The curriculum for this process is exstensive and can be focused in many areas of the negative behavior (i.e. cognitive distortions, aggression and violence for sex offenders, responsibility, healthy behavior, etc.). This change is a continuous process that has to be worked on through every phase of treatment (Apsche, Evile, & Murphy, 2004). This may be beneficial in treatment for Bradley since he has not been responding to the way previous treatment has been

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