Defusing Anger Strategy

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Defusing anger would be the best short term strategy however it is important that they implement other strategies to combat the anger on a long term basis. Counselling to discover why the person gets angry would also be helpful otherwise CBT would help change the behaviour of the person. It is important that there are short time strategies in place to ensure the service user is safe however it is equally important that there are long term strategies in place to combat why. Rehabilitation therapy through sports or other activities would help release the anger in other ways. This strategy is often used in social care settings such as prisons to rehabilitate the offenders. A mentor or befriender would be the best way to combat loneliness however a counsellor would be a better way to combat emotional distress. A counsellor would be able to establish the reasons for the distress and create an action plan whereas a befriender is a companion to help make things more bearable. Also a counsellor would be more experienced in the fields concerned, also having the knowledge to advise which services are best. The appropriate verbal and non-verbal communication for jargon would be to ensure that if a letter is sent that the language used is appropriate and in ‘layman’s terms’, likewise in verbal…show more content…
Writing things down for someone who is partially deaf is impractical, especially when in a situation such as a shop where the person on the other side of the counter wouldn’t write it down. A hearing aid works everywhere and although may sometimes not be completely reliable, it is more practical. When other barriers such as dementia or confusion are added into the equation, it would then be less appropriate. Loop systems on the other hand become useless if the system is not fitted, for example, in a
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