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coach Coach Carter In the movie Coach Carter, the Buddhist ‘8 Fold Path’ can be applied to the characters in the movie to tell us which characters had the right and wrong knowledge, aims, speech, conduct, livelihood, effort, mindfulness and meditation. In the movie the character who had the right knowledge was Damian. Damian was Carters son, and he transferred from a ritzy, high academic school to Richwood, to play basketball on his fathers’ team. As much as that may have not been the smartest idea, Damian had the highest marks on the team, and was able to help tutor the other teammates having trouble in their studies. The character who had the wrong knowledge was Cruz. This is because, Cruz didn’t see the importance in what Coach Carter was making them do. So, he gave up too easily, and in order to get back on the team he had to work for it. The character who had the right aims was Kenyan. Kenyan had gotten his girlfriend Kira pregnant, and he tried to do what was best to step up to the plate of being a father. He ended up getting a scholarship to Sacramento College, and gaining support from the school to help him and his soon to be family, but Kira ended up getting an abortion, but Kenyan still had good intentions. The person with the wrong aims was Renny, Cruz’s cousin, who was a drug dealer. He had very bad aims in life, and earned his money buy getting people to pay him for doing illegal things. This did not only put him in danger, but also put Cruz in danger as well. The character who had the right speech was Coach Carter. He had taught the boys that swearing was a form of disrespect, especially using a word that offends African American people. He had told them that if they were to swear, they would have to suffer the consequences of doing a great number of suicides and push-ups. The person who had the wrong speech was Worm. The whole

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