Cloth Diapers vs Disposable

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For new mothers and fathers the cost of diapers can put you in the hole. Cloth and disposable diapers have advantages. But for different family’s, one will work better than the other. Cloth diapers have the advantage of being cheap and reusable. That is a great benefit for the environment, and saves you the hassle of going to the store in the middle of the night (though it doesn’t save you from the hassle of washing them, but more on that later). Cloth diapers can also be better for the baby because some disposable diapers have plastics or other chemicals which can irritate your baby’s skin. Your baby won't be exposed to sodium polyacralate (the shiny crystals in the diaper that can stick to your baby’s skin causing skin reactions). Cloth diapers can be used dozens if not hundreds of times before they wear out. Prices for cloth diapers vary, from a couple dollars each, to more than $15 each. Using cloth diapers vs. using disposable diapers will reduce your babies’ chances of getting asthma. The “Archives of Environmental Health” tested 6 leading cloth diapers and 6 leading disposable diapers and discovered that the emissions, which means the pollution, from one disposable diaper was high enough to produce asthma-like symptoms in side mice. Disposable diapers also have their advantages. Using these types of diapers are less time consuming. If you wake up in the night and your baby wet herself you don’t have to hurry and wash her diaper out. Disposable diapers are also very convenient while traveling. Unlike cloth you have to find somewhere to put this used diaper. Another one of the advantages of disposable diapers is wetness protection. Disposable diapers are much more absorbent than their cloth counterpart. A baby can go potty in a disposable diaper many more times than a cloth diaper. The disposable diapers will hold over 3 times their weight in water unlike a

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