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Cloth VS Disposable Diapers When it comes to babies, they go through many diapers. There are different ways to diaper a child. Many decide to use disposable diapers over cloth diapers, but it is all up to their own decision on which they choose. There should be a lot of research done on both as to which will fit their needs and lifestyle. Many have debated on the two ways of diapering and the answers are not always what one wants to hear, but facts are there and they are both quite stinky. Cloth diapers are better for the environment, better on baby’s skin, and although upfront costs could be more, they are cheaper in the long run. Doing the research on each of these is crucial, as many want the best for their children and themselves. Many studies have shown great tips for why cloth diapers are better for babies. Disposable diapers were created around 40 years ago, as cloth diapers have been around throughout all of history created back in the 1500’s, in England. First off, cloth diapers are better for the environment for many different reasons. The first and foremost reason is due to the landfill space that disposable diapers take up. It takes at least five hundred years or more to decompose a single diaper. When tossing away diapers into the trash can, there is so much fecal matter going out into the environment which could cause many diseases, leading to death. And think about it, it is stored in your home until that bag is ready to go out. Many children wear anywhere from six to eight diapers a day, so that is anywhere from six thousand up to ten thousand diapers that are used before potty training is in full effect, that all end back up in a landfill. When being environmentally friendly, cloth diapers can be rinsed away of human waste; the soiled diaper, whether pee or poop, dump the poop into the toilet and wash them in the washing machine, therefore,

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