Climate And Seasons Essay

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Do you know that weather pattern repeats itself every year? When the Earth is tilted toward the sun the Northern Hemisphere is in the warm season and when the Earth is tilted away from the sun the Northern Hemisphere is in the cool season. Since the Earth revolves at a predictable and relatively steady rate around the sun the cycle repeats itself every year. Even though a cycle repeats itself every year environmental disasters can interfere with the cycle and make it change. Volcano eruptions can change the climate for months, And El Nino can switch up our four seasons. Temperature changes can be very fatal, not only to humans, but to plants and our ecosystem as well. Temperature changes can be fatal because if too much energy from the sun is produced to the earth and can cause skin cancer and can damage our coral reefs, because convectional currents travel through the ocean and makes the water temperature warmer that causes the algae to change. When the Algae changes, it starves the Coral reefs leaving the Coral reefs in a uncompromising state. Have you ever wondered why the leaves changed colors in the fall? Lower temperatures results in leaves changing colors and falling. When the temperatures drops that means that side of the earth is receiving barely any energy from the sun. That results in Snow, Precipitation and blizzards. This essay taught me about climates, seasons, and temperatures. I learned the importance of how a climate effects our environment and our daily lives. It is relevant that we continue to take care of our earth so it will effect our temperatures and climates that will eventually lead to global

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