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This graph shows the carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere above Hawaii from 1958 to 2002. 1. Based on the trend depicted in the graph, explain what you think the relationship might be between organisms performing respiration and the organisms performing photosynthesis in this area of the world. -For the organisms that perform respiration, breathing will be more difficult every year until the amount of carbon dioxide is fatal. As for organisms performing photosynthesis, it would not be much of a problem, considering they take in carbon dioxide. With the extra amount of carbon dioxide, I predict that the more pants take it in, the more oxygen it will release for respiratory breathers. Even if that occurs, the plants will not be able to produce enough oxygen. Respiratory breathers will all become endangered or extinct within days. 2. What effects might this steady increase of carbon dioxide have on the organisms living in this area? -As stated before, photosynthesis performers would not be effected, as the can take in carbon dioxide. Respiratory breathers, however, face a fatal issue with extra carbon dioxide in the air. The population of respiratory breathers will slowly decrease, considering plants will give a little bit of oxygen. Photosynthesis performers, however, will stay unharmed. The area will practically be inhabitable to humans. 3. Describe the changes you would expect to see to this graph if the population of cyanobacteria increased dramatically in the ocean water surrounding Hawaii in 2003. Explain your predictions. -If the population of cyanobacteria were to dramatically increase in that certain area, the amount of carbon dioxide would decrease and the amount of oxygen would increase. That means there will no longer be an issue for respiratory breathers. If the cyanobacteria kept taking away carbon dioxide, it would

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