Civilize Them with a Stick

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Dog & Erdoes’ Civilize Them with a Stick 1. How did the “do-gooders” propose to fix the “Indian Problem”? {Follow-up Question: What was the “Indian Problem”?} –Rachel Branson 2. How did the boarding school foster fights between the various groups (i.e., Whites, Breeds, and Skins)? –Kayla Colvin & Tiffany Kline 3. How were boarding schools made, and what was their function? –Tiffany Kline 4. According to an old medicine man, what is the difference between the White man and the Lakota? –Tiffany Kline 5. What is the “Maza-Skan-Skan,” {and what essential cultural difference did it come to stand for between the Native Students and White teachers?} –Emilie Dalbec 6. What are the “10 Rules” Native Americans should follow according to the missionaries? – Sari Lautt & Emilie Dalbec 7. Why weren’t parents very sympathetic when they learned how harshly their children were being punished? –Cody Severson 8. How does “Indian time” differ from “White man’s time”? –Lindsay Majerus 9. Why did the two authors consider that taking Native American children to boarding schools was tantamount to being “kidnapped”? –Tiffany Irving 10. What were some of the nuns’ reactions to seeing some of the girls huddled in bed together? What were the girls really doing? –Tiffany Irving 11. How did the previous lifestyle of Native American children differ from the new lifestyle in the boarding schools? –Danielle Jones 12. What do the authors mean when they say “racism breeds racism in reverse”? –Danielle Jones Kozol’s Still Separate, Still Unequal: America’s Education Apartheid 1. What argument do most educators make today, according to the author, which justifies the educational status quo of segregation? –Kayla Colvin 2. What was the problem with the bathrooms at Fremont High School? 3. What are three (3) examples the author gives of inadequacy in inner-city schools? –Tiffany Kline

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