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RESPONSE PAPER FINAL NOTE ON EXTREME ISOLATION By Kingsley Davis Travis Geddes CSU, Chico Intro to Sociology MWF 9:00 AM September 19, 2008 American Sociologist and Demographer Kingsley Davis wrote an article in The American Journal of Sociology titled Final Note on a Case of Extreme Isolation. The article, published in March of 1947, was an analysis of the development a young girl named Anna, who had been locked in an attic soon after birth, and how her isolation affected her ability to function socially and mentally. The article gives a relatively detailed overview of how an utter lack of human contact and care had caused Anna to be severely lacking in mental and social skills. The article was supplemented with additional research regarding another isolated child, which served as a point of comparison from which Davis could draw conclusions about the factors that may explain how isolation early in life can adversely affect the normal social development of a child. The articles…show more content…
Drawing from research conducted at the various children’s homes where Anna was housed after her isolation, Davis investigates and elaborates on how Anna quickly began to manifest a slower than normal rate of social development. However, Davis also explained how interpreting Anna’s scores on what were standardized tests could be misleading, given the fact that the child was brought up under very unusual circumstances. Just before Anna’s death at the age of ten, her condition was examined again and the results were very promising. She had learned to conform to group socialization, developed toilet and eating habits and had even begun to develop speech. These findings led Davis to wonder whether Anna had an inferior capacity for social development or whether her isolation had simply not allowed her to realize her social
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