Civilization Is A Big Mistake

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The Big Deception: Civilization is A Big Mistake It has always been a debatable issue what civilization brought to humanity. The issues of what civilization has done to us, whether our lives are better than before, whether we can live as primitive again preoccupies everyone's minds. However, when gains and losses of both civilization and primitivism to humanity are compared, it will be understood that civilization was a great chance for humanity’s benefit. Heinberg(1995) supports this idea like this: ‘‘Civilization brings not only comforts, but also the opportunity to think the thoughts of Plato or Thoreau, to travel to distant places, and to live under the protection of a legal system that guarantees certain rights. How could we deny the worth of these things?’’.Thus, the allegation that civilization was a big mistake which restricts freedom of people is not realistic since its gains to society like development of science and innovations, and technology and its easiness have made people’s lives easier and freer. One of civilization’s the most important gains to society is the development of science and innovations. Because science has often remedied the problems of humanity throughout the history and then people’s lives became more comfortable and free. One statement (‘Science and Technology for Human Advancement’, 1979) declared that science have in this century made possible the physical unification of the planet. Better health cure methods is an example of science’s achievements which provided the unity of planet by supplying the same chance to live for everyone. Before that, people had been dying young or elder or becoming permanently incapacitated because of some contagious diseases and lack of the cure of these diseases. But, as science has progressed and the number of medical innovations has grown, the rate of death and becoming permanently
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