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City of Angels is an English language, romantic remake of the 1987 German movie 'Wings of Desire', directed by Wim Wenders. The movie stars Nicolas Cage who plays Seth the Angel, and Meg Ryan who plays Dr Maggie Rice. The film is directed by Brad Siberling and written by Wim Wenders, Peter Handke, Richard Reitinger and Dana Stevens. City Of Angels was released on the April 10th 1998, and set in Los Angeles, California. The movie had a running time of 144 minutes, and was distributed by the Warner Bros. The movie is based on Seth, who is an angel watching over Los Angeles, listening to peoples thoughts, observing their lives and guiding them to the afterlife, but his job of an angel starts to become complicated as he falls in love with a Doctor called Maggie Rice. This love proceeds to Seth having to make a major choice of leaving immortality to know and experience the misery and gratification of being an actual human being. Christianity teachings imply that angels are spiritual beings who were established by God before the world was even formed. Their role is to honour and acclaim God, minister to God, and act as God's messengers to humans in matters of outstanding significance such as providing, protecting, delivering, strengthening, encouraging, answering prayer and caring for believers at the instant of death. In comparison to humans, angels are said to be stronger than man but not omnipotent, greater than in knowledge, but not omniscient and more noble than man but not omnipresent. Throughout the film there was a similarity between how the movie expressed angels and how the Christians view angels. The film depicts the angels as messengers from God to come down to Earth to watch over humans, and in the Bible there are considerable accounts of people being visited by angels with messages from God. In the Bible, angels are shown not to be human, and throughout
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