Summary Of The Prince: Everyone Sees What You Are

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Melissa Lackey HIS-122-I01 Jessica Wyatt June 4, 2013 Unit One Journal 1. "The Prince: Everyone Sees What You Appear to be, Few Perceive Who You Are" by Niccolo Machiavelli Background: Machiavelli was a keen observer of Italian politics who authored a manual on how to obtain and maintain power. He was a civil servant of Florence and was imprisoned by the de Medici family, losing his power after their return to dominance. He was also an author and playwright. Source: Machiavelli's experiences and observations Purpose: to advise rulers on how to achieve and keep power Summary: Niccolo Machiavelli's "The Prince: Everyone Sees What You Appear to be, Few Who You Are", presents his reader's with a opened minded view of how…show more content…
"How Many Sins Are Committed in a Single Day?" by Johann Tetzel Background: Johann Tetzel was a know theologian and philosopher at the University of Leipzig. He also was commissioned by the pope to preach the Jubilee indulgence. Tetzel was most famously known for defending the doctrine of indulgences against Martin Luther. Source: Johann Tetzel his experience and observations Purpose: Johann Tetzel wrote this document in attempt to enlighten people as to the Catholic church's position concerning the indulgences. Also to stress the importance for the mortal soul to divulge in these indulgences to assure their safe ascent into heaven. Summary: Johann Tetzel in his depiction of "How Many Sins Are Committed in a Single Day?" attempts to inform his readers with a detailed explanation concerning how the indulgences operated. Tetzel also implores his readers to become a part of these indulgences to assure their ascent into heaven. According to the Catholic church, and Tetzel who so strongly believed in these rituals, wished to open the eyes of the mind. Tetzel explains to his readers the constant struggle of life man endures while living on earth. Tetzel describes letters obtained from the vicar of our Lord Jesus Christ, that will liberate man's soul from the hands of the enemy. Tetzel continues to enlighten his readers to the fact, there is no way to count the many sins a human being can commit on a daily basis. This task would only be possible through redemption by these indulgences. He also compares the taxes the individual person would pay as a citizen of a state, are the same as these indulgences one would pay to ensure their citizenship in a worldly place, as to a heavenly

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