Chimpanzee Politics Essay

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The book Chimpanzee Politics is a book based on thousands of hours of observations of a chimpanzee colony in the Arnhem Zoo in the Netherlands where a doctor named Frans De Wall studied them. The story is all about obtaining power through different ways and the means in which the chimpanzees attempt to keep it. They use alliances and they have enemies, and will almost always do anything that is necessary to keep what they love. In this essay I will discuss the roles that power plays on influencing the actions, responses, and lifestyles that the chimpanzees express in their controlled environment they call home. In Chimpanzee Politics, the alpha males will often form alliances with other males and females that play influential roles in the colony of chimpanzees. This role set up is almost completely vice versa when it comes to weaker, less powerful males. They will form what is almost like a gang to over throw the alpha males in charge, and after doing so, will take their females. In this story, the males do not maintain their supreme power for more than four years until these young bucks come and try to steal their ranks. This is normally done through fighting with their alliances. The alliances that these males form with each other are not one of personal choice. These are actually functional decisions that are made to be useful. They don’t always make these choices based on friendships or loves, but more on the fact that certain chimpanzees are stronger, faster, more useful at the moment per say. It is sort of a situation where even your enemy could be your ally, if he can get you to the place you want to be and that your friend can still stab you in the back. As soon as a male shows his dominance, it is like a game where the weaker ones connect to see if they can topple is supremacy. This motto though of basically do what you have to do to be

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