Spider Monkeys Essay

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In the tropical rain forests of Central and South America, even as far as Mexico Spider monkeys have been found to call these places their home. These primates have long arms that able them to combine the motions of leaping and arm swinging. They also are able to use their tail as an extra hand. They are in the subfamily Ateloidea, family Atelidae. Spider monkeys like to hang upside down using all four limbs and their tails which can sometimes make them look like spiders, giving them their name. They have four fingers and no thumbs. They live high up in trees where they find fruits and nuts to eat. These monkeys are social and live in groups of a few dozen. They communicate by making call sounds, screeches and barks. Females give birth to a single baby every three to four years. the gestation period is seven months. Young spider monkeys are dependent on their mother for ten weeks and then start to explore on their own. The mothers care for their young for up to a year and often with another baby on their back. The spider monkey is threatened in the wild and is now considered to be an endangered species. Humans have been hunting them for years as a source of food. The Spider monkey is also agitated by human contact. They also have bigger jungle animals like jaguars and crocodiles coming after them. Another threat to their life is the logging and deforestation which continues to shrink the areas in which they live in. There are many people who like to capture the Spider monkey and keep them as

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