Lord Of The Flies (Symbols)

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Discuss the role of any symbol in the novel. Refer to at least 3 characters and show how they view it. In the novel Lord of the Flies, the beast is viewed many different ways and goes through various transformations. The earliest signs of the beast were the creepers. Later on, the dead parachutist becomes the beast. However, the whole time, there was no beast… simply the boys imaginations. The beast is a symbol of evil, hatred, and fear. Firstly, Piggy is not worried or feared in the slightest about the “beast”. He tries to take a scientific approach and questions about it. He claims that he knows that there is no beast. I think that Piggy was the smartest and had one of the best views of the beast. He doesn’t fear it, which shows that Piggy is different from the rest of the boys. Later on in the novel, Piggy is one of the very few boys who are not savages. He didn’t become a savage because he didn’t believe in it or feared it like the other boys. His scientific approach was clearly one of the best. Simon has changing opinions on the beast. At first, he thinks that there could be a beast, but because he is shy, doesn’t fully admit that. He says, “There might be a beast”. However, later on in the novel, he comes to realize that the beast is in their minds. He tries to explain this to the others during their ritual dance but gets murdered before the point gets across. Lastly, I think Ralph had the best idea about the beast. He convinced himself that there is no beast, but is not sure. He calls meetings to talk about it and find solutions. He explains to the other people on their level; he says that he too, is scared. This is the best way to go because instead of becoming slaves of fear, he tries to help the boys resolve their problem. All the boys had different viewpoints and opinions on the beast and only one or two of them
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