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“Children of Heaven” Reflection Paper The film “Children of Heaven” is mainly about two siblings understanding concepts of sharing, poverty, and secrecy. Ali loses his little sister’s shoes after picking them up from being repaired at a market. When Ali returns with the shoes, he is so ashamed of himself that he refuses to tell his parents in order not to receive punishment. Ali tells Zahra and they decide together that they will share Ali’s sneakers until they can figure something out because they understood that their father could not afford another pair of shoes. Every morning Zahra would wear Ali’s dirty sneakers to class returning in the afternoon as fast as she could to Ali for him to scamper to school. He would arrive late to school…show more content…
The children help their sickly mother with chores around the home while their father is off working when they are only nine. The father makes a comment to Ali about since he is nine years old he should be more responsible and able to help around the house. Most children in other countries outside the Middle East normally do not hold the same responsibilities as Zahra and Ali carry. Ali and his father go off into a richer neighborhood in search of more income working as gardeners. The children even hold a bond keeping secrets from their parents. Zahra seems to trust in Ali even when she is ashamed of wearing his dirty sneakers until they decide to wash them one afternoon. Ali’s daily routine going to school every day in hopes of not being late allows him to become a faster runner. He enters into a race with hopes of becoming third to win the prize of new athletic sneakers to trade in for a pair of shoes for his little sister. Ali is willing to go through an entire race just to ensure he get Zahra a new pair of shoes because of the guilt he feels. The closeness of these two siblings is seen clearly throughout the film. Ali ends up not receiving the shoes because he comes in

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