Child Safety Research Paper

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Assessment Task 1 - Child Health and Safety Part A 1. A) Garbage Bin – has no lid, easily accessed, all kinds of dangerous items can be found in the bin, and children see it as a great place to explore. Oven – door pulls down, mounted close to the ground, easily opened and glass door heats up and can burn children. Cleaning Products – easily accessed, poisonous chemicals, and children see it as a drink. Drawers – easily accessed, contain sharp cutlery and other dangerous objects. B) Cleaning Products - Move cleaning products to a higher cleaning cupboard for storage. - Use an appropriate safety lock for the cupboard.…show more content…
- Stove knobs covers can be fitted over oven knobs to prevent a child from turning the oven on. - Ensure you have a fire blanket or extinguisher in your kitchen. - Make sure you have a working smoke detector installed in your kitchen. C) 1. Having easily accessible drawers and cupboards can cause children to jam their fingers and also get their hands on dangerous objects such as sharp cutlery and hazardous chemicals. 2. A product designed to prevent this from happening is an item called Safe-Lok™ created by Mommy’s Helper. 3. Safe-Lok™ can be purchased from as little as $5.95 4. This product can be used on cabinet doors and in drawers. 5. It allows a cabinet door or drawer to open only one inch, then it locks in place so the child cannot open it any further and remove an item, and they cannot close it and pinch their fingers. It remains easy for an adult to release the latch. 6. It is easy to install, has a quick disable feature and has the option of installing the latch in a mounting bracket rather than directly to the door or
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