Nvq Level 2 208 Health and Social Care

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Examples of accidents and/or illnesses What is it and what to do when it happens? Situation | How it can happen? | What to do? | Slip (accident) | Liquids, spillage on the floor or after bath or shower | If you are cleaning an area make sure that you are using signs to warn people about the danger. Place appropriate mats in the bathroom as well as inside/outside the tub bath. | Trip (accident) | When mats or rugs are rugged or folded up, smalls objects left on the floor (i.e. brush, bucket, etc), uneven floors, etc. | Inform your supervisor about the obstructions on the floor or if the carpet is not placed correctly, remove all the objects from the floor and inform to others. In case of electrical wires on the floor make sure they are not on the way. | Fall (accident) | Stairs, chairs, bed, loss of balance, etc | People with low mobility need support at all the times in case of fall. Make sure the person is awake and responding, so then seek for medical advice immediately, inform your coordinator, supervisor, team leaders or a responsible in charge about the accident. | Stroke (illness) | A disruption of the blood flow to a part of the brain that causes permanent damage in the brain tissue, in another word: blood clots, or rupture or obstruction that interrupt the blood flow. | If you are caring for someone and you noticed changes in their face and speech, follow and act F.A.S.T:Face - dropping downArm - make sure the person can raise both armsSpeech – talk to the person and see if she/he is unable to speak.Its TIME to call 999 immediately and tell them it is a stroke case | Heart Attack (illness) | A heart attack happens when a coronary artery becomes blocked, and the passage of the blood supply to the myocardio. Some signs during the heart attack: chest pain, tightness sensation, dizziness, nausea breathless. | Call 999 immediately, and then for any

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