Child Care Essay

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Paediatric Emergency First Aid Unit PEFAP 001 Unit: F/600/2036Learning Outcomes 1.1 Identify the responsibilities of a paediatric first aider. To preserve life- the overriding aim of all medical care including first aid is to save lives. • To prevent deterioration- moving a patient away from any cause of harm and applying first aid techniques to prevent worsening of the condition such as applying pressure to stop a bleed becoming dangerous. • To promote recovery- ask someone to call an ambulance or doctor as soon as possible, stay with a sick or injured child until help arrives and give appropriate first aid. • Give care with confidence- it's important for everyone to be confident when giving care especially with young children as they get scared easilyResponsibilities- the essential aim is providing the appropriate first aid. • Passing on information- by passing on information of the incident to a professional and the parent. | Paediatric Emergency First Aid Unit PEFAP 001 Unit: F/600/2036 Learning Outcomes 1.2 Describe how to minimise the risk of infection to self and others. New clean gloves as this stops any skin to skin hand contact with the individual. It is important to that when treating lacerations that they are washed with sterile water, minimising infection for the individual. It is important to make sure that all equipment you use is sterile and has come out of its original packaging which again should be clean, such as bandages, again minimising infection risks. When having to go CPR it is possible to use a plastic mouth guard, stopping again any skin to skin contact. The mouth guard can be used when an individual has also vomited or has had possibly blood or any other fluids around the mouth area. | Paediatric Emergency First Aid Learning outcomes 1.3 Describe suitable first aid
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