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Chiba International Inc. Case Essay

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Sammy Soto Bernaola
International Management – INTL 48032.11
Dr. Paul Wilson
22 February 2014
Chiba International Inc. Case
Can Japanese management practices work in the United States without adaptation? Why or Why not?   What cultural values are relevant?
It is well known that it can tedious to implement Japanese management practices in the American culture.It is not recommendable to force cultural differences into two different countries like Japan and United States because; it is likely to affect company’s performance. Management practices are crucial in a company because they determine companies grow. For instance in Chiba’s Case, it is found that there are principles in the Japanese management such as:
  a. Period of employment: Most of Japanese are employed after they graduate from university and they are likely to stay in the same job until they are close to retirement age (55 years). The main goal of this principle, it is to create a very strong bond with the company.
  b. Decision Making: when it comes to decision making Japanese companies try to involve everyone in this decision. Therefore, it can take a long time to make a decision. On the other hand, the implementation of the decision is it faster.
  c. Promotion Process: this process tends to be long   because Japanese tend to do a lot of evaluation before to promote someone. They want to make sure, that the person in charge knows their responsibilities  

How should Ken and John adapt Chiba’s California practices to their situation? What problems will they run into (cultural and otherwise)?
Chiba International Inc. is a Japanese company and it counts with Ken Morikawa as the general manager and John Sinclair as a personnel manager. They are trying to figure out the best way to convey the best Japanese practice such as full efficient and operative management. These abilities can lead American worker to increase their profit. Chiba had implemented the Japanese philosophy into the...

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