Chesapeake Vs New England Colonies Essay

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During the 1600’s the New World was composed of mostly English Settlers, yet many factors emerged that caused the Chesapeake and the New England colonies to develop into two very different societies. The cold, harsh weather of the New England colony contrasted heavily with the warm, temperate climate of the Chesapeake, cause the two colonies to have a completely different economy. Family played a very important role for the settlers in New England while in the Chesapeake families were scarcely seen. The strict way of life of the Congregational Church of New England was almost the opposite of the more lenient Anglican Church of the Chesapeake. People began to adapt to their regions and looked for ways to survive and benefit from the geography that they lived in. The Chesapeake region…show more content…
Family was a very important factor in the development of the colonies. New England was a family orientated colony. According to the ship’s list of emigrants bound for New England consisted of families, thus making the New England colonies much more stable than those of the Chesapeake. The ship list of emigrants bound for Virginia consisted of 64 young men and only 11 women. Most of which had zero relation, no families were on board. Most men could not find a mate, which caused many men to fight over women. And with dying from disease so common most families that did exist were destroyed due to death of a partner within very few years. Children rarely reached adulthood under the care of both parents, and almost no one knew a grandparent. These weak family ties gave men no reason to care whether or not the Indians attacked or if they had to get up and move. This created the very unstable colonies of the Chesapeake. The fragility of these families advanced the economic security of women, mainly in property rights. This was due to the fact that many men died from the diseases of the

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