New England and Chesapeake Dbq

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While the New England colonies and the Chesapeake colonies were both settled by Englishmen the purposes and results of the settlements greatly varied. Differences between these colonies were mainly caused by the people who settled the regions and where they settled, and as their colonies progressed they grew to be very different despite the fact they shared a common English origin. The people who settled the two colonies were very different from each other and their purposes for settling the areas were very different as well. The people who settled to New England colonies were primarily families who came with many children. On a ship manifest twenty four of the forty three people listed were 18 years old or younger (Document B). In the Massachusetts Articles of Agreement they stated that there would be forty families rich and poor (Document D). The people settling this area was to create a place where they could have a “city upon a hill” as John Winthrop called the society. They relied on God to give them prosperity in a harsh environment and depended on the community to help each other out when one was in need. Winthrop said they must “delight in each other, make others’ conditions our own…” (Document A). By the 1700s the New England settlers had created a colony that was very dependent on each other and God. The Chesapeake colonies had very different settlers, however. On a manifest with seventy five names, sixty four of them were men who came to the New World to make a fortune and get out of debt (Document C). While fighting the Dutch Governor Berkeley identified one third of his fighting men as single and many of which were in debt (Document G). These men came to the New World to get out of the debt that they incurred in the Old World. By the 1700s the settlers of the Chesapeake colony had made a better life with “sudden advancement” and a “sudden rise in

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