Chemistry: The Invention Of Gunpowder

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History paper #1 Gunpowder also called black powder is considered the earliest explosive invented. The Chinese alchemists of the ninth century were considered to be a major force behind the early development of gunpowder. They first used the substance to treat skin diseases and to kill insects before people realized it would be an advantage to them on the battlefield if used as a weapon. The discover that the substance could be used at battle was found through experimenting. One of the experiments conducted was, attaching bamboo tubes filled with gunpowder, to arrows and launching them with bows. As time went by, gunpowder primarily was used as a propellant. The substance was first made by mixing elements of sulfur, charcoal, and potassium nitrate. The key ingredient charcoal usually came from the willow tree; but laurel, grapevine, and other things have all been used to make gunpowder before. The procedure of making the explosive substance was very dangerous, one spark could have resulted in a smoky fire. So, to reduce the danger of an accident, liquid was added to the mixture. It was then made into small pellets and dried. The deadliest weapons, gunpowder, the gun and the rifle were strangely invented during the quest for immortality. This marked one of the most important steps for gunpowder,…show more content…
While experimenting the possible used of gunpowder, the first rocket was born. Another positive outcome of the invention of black powder is fireworks. Fireworks are used every year to bring joy to the holiday seasons. For example, the Fourth of July and the New years are two of the many events where people of all kinds are brought together to celebrate and enjoy a firework show. To produce the aerial spray of reds, golds and blues, they would pack a tube with gunpowder, colorizing chemicals and small pellets that create the shimmer and the verity of shapes for the

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