Fire: Molotov Cocktail

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Fire: The Molotov cocktail A Molotov Cocktail is defined as a crude bomb made of a bottle filled with a flammable liquid and usually fitted with a wick that is ignited just before the bottle is hurled (Merriam-Webster Dictionary). The Molotov cocktail is an improvised incendiary explosive device crafted out of easily attainable ingredients. Due to it’s relatively ease of production they are often found in the hands of violent protesters and/or poorly equipped and non-profession guerilla combatants. The main purpose of the Molotov is to light the target ablaze rather than instantly killing it. Although it is a lethal weapon, the objective of the Molotov is to inflict damage all while leaving the target stunned in a way. The Molotov cocktail is quite easy to produce. The recipe to create such a device consists of a breakable glass bottle, gasoline or any other combustible liquid, some motor oil, a rag, and finally something to light it with such as a lighter or torch. The first step would be to fill the glass bottle ¾ full with gasoline. Leaving it ¾ full would leave room for some motor oil and the rag which will act as a wick. Next you will pour some motor oil into the glass bottle, at least half a shot glass of it. Finally you will take the rag which usually needs to be soaked in some kind of flammable liquid, and you either pack one end of the rag into the neck of the bottle, leaving the other end of the rag hanging out as a fuse, or you can simply cover the top of the bottle with a stopper or tape and tie the rag to the top of the bottle which is probably the safer approach. Once you have done this your Molotov is ready to go and you can go ahead and light the rag which will act like the fuse. The blast radius of a Molotov is at least 5-7 feet all around and flames can reach as high as 4-5 feet off of the ground. The origin of the first

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