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Week 5 iLab 1. Exercise 1. The Montreal Protocol and its subsequent amendments resulted in the elimination of many ozone depleting substances. Select five of these substances and describe how the elimination of each has affected you either directly or indirectly. A link to the Montreal Protocol can be found on the course webliography. a) CFC’s: The most common area that I know of that has affected me with the elimination of CFC’s is with my vehicles air conditioning unit. I have had more than one car that was recalled by the dealership to service the HVAC unit to accommodate the more modern rules and regulations. This has only affected me indirectly by taking up time and effort to correct the issue. b) Halons are a group of chemical compounds with one or more halogens linked making them a type of organic halide. Halons were key ingredients to certain aerosol sprays such as deodorant and hair spray. The elimination caused manufacturers to alter the chemical makeup of the sprays, and quite frankly turned me to using solid deodorant as opposed to aerosol sprays. c) Carbon tetrachloride is one of the most potent hepatotoxins, meaning it is very harmful to the liver. This compound was once used as a pesticide for killing insects in stored grain. The elimination of this product has assisted my liver indirectly in living a longer and healthier life and acquiring a better nights sleep not having to worry about it. d) Trichloroethane was used as the key thinning ingredient in the liquid form of White Out. Fatalities were linked directly to this ingredient, and its subsequent elimination from the market has saved my emotions considerable effort considering my 6 year old son eats anything he can get his hands on, including glue and white out. e) Bromomethane is used to prepare Bermuda grass on golf courses. Considering the fact that I am an active

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