Chemistry 205 Exam 1

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1. In the following list, only __________ is not an example of matter. A) elemental phosphorus B) light C) table salt D) planets E) dust 2. What is the physical state in which matter has no specific shape but does have a specific volume? A) gas B) solid C) salts D) ice E) liquid 3. A small amount of salt dissolved in water is an example of a __________. A) compound B) solid C) heterogeneous mixture D) pure substance E) homogeneous mixture 4. Which of the following is an illustration of the law of constant composition? A) Water is 11% hydrogen and 89% oxygen by mass. B) Water boils at 100°C at 1 atm pressure. C) Water can be separated into other substances by a chemical process. D) Water and salt have different boiling points. E) Water is a compound. 5. Which of the following are chemical processes? 1. rusting of a nail 2. freezing of water 3. decomposition of water into hydrogen and oxygen gases 4. compression of oxygen gas A) 1, 3, 4 B) 2, 3, 4 C) 1, 4 D) 1, 2 E) 1, 3 6. Which one of the following is the highest temperature? A) 302 K B) 38°C C) 96°F D) none of the above E) the freezing point of water 7. Which of the following liquids has the greatest density? A) 3.5 cm3 with a mass of 10 g B) 13 cm3 with a mass of 23 g C) 0.022 cm3 with a mass of 0.10 g D) 54 cm3 with a mass of 45 g E) 210 cm3 with a mass of 12 g 8. Gold has a density of 0.01932 kg/cm3. What volume (in cm3) would be occupied by a 33.3 g sample of gold? A) 1.72 B) 5.80 x 10-4 C) 5.80 D) 0.581 E) 0.663 9. The number with the most significant zeros is __________. A) 2.5100000 B) 0.00002510 C) 2.501 × 10-7 D) 250000001 E) 0.02500001 10. Which of the following is the same as 0.001 cm? A) 0.01 m B) 0.01 dm C) 0.01 mm D) 1 mm E) 100 mm 11. Which one of the following is not one of the postulates of Dalton's atomic theory? A)

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