Ap Chemistry Practice Questions-Chapter1

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Multiple Choice and Bimodal 1) Solids have a __________ shape and are not appreciably __________. A) definite, compressible B) definite, incompressible C) indefinite, compressible D) indefinite, incompressible E) sharp, convertible 2) __________ is the chemical symbol for elemental sodium. A) S B) W C) So D) Na E) Sn 3) If matter is uniform throughout, cannot be separated into other substances by physical processes, but can be decomposed into other substances by chemical processes, it is called a (an) __________. A) heterogeneous mixture B) element C) homogeneous mixture D) compound E) mixture of elements 4) The symbol for the element potassium is __________. A) Pt B) P C) K D) S E) Ca 5) The symbol for the element magnesium is __________. A) Rb B) Mn C) Ne D) Si E) Mg 6) The initial or tentative explanation of an observation is called a(n) __________. A) law B) theory C) hypothesis D) experiment E) test 7) A concise verbal statement or mathematical equation that summarizes a broad variety of observations and experiences is called a(n) __________. A) law B) theory C) hypothesis D) experiment E) test 8) A separation process that depends on differing abilities of substances to form gases is called __________. A) filtration B) solvation C) distillation D) chromatography E) all of the above are correct 9) The SI unit for mass is __________. A) kilogram B) gram C) pound D) troy ounce E) none of the above 10) A one degree of temperature difference is the smallest on the __________ temperature scale. A) Kelvin B) Celsius C) Fahrenheit D) Kelvin and Celsius E) Fahrenheit and Celsius 11) A common English set of units for expressing velocity is miles/hour. The SI unit for velocity is: A) km/hr B) km/s C) m/hr D) m/s E) cm/s 12) The unit of force in the

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