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Charter Change Essay

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Topic: Charter Change
Essay of Definition
Thesis Statement:
Charter change is an important matter that every people should know and understand.
      Charter Change
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Yes or no to “Cha-Cha”
Charter change, also known in the Philippines as “Cha-Cha”, refers to politics in changing or revising the current 1987 Constitution of the Philippines. Some of our presidents attempted to change the constitution but none of them succeeded because the Filipinos do not want it to change because they think that it is only for the good of the elected officials who want to extend their terms.
As of now, our government is trying to revise the constitution that others believe, that it is because they want to extend the limit of their term, which the Filipinos do not agree. They went to rallies to let the government know that they object in their plan. But even though almost all the Filipinos did not approve the Cha-Cha, some think that the government still has not given up in Cha-Cha.
The Cha-Cha can either be good or bad depending on what the government plan to do with our country. They can improve our constitution to make our country more progressive or they can improve our constitution for their own benefits and destroy our country. It is for the Filipinos to decide whether the proposed Cha-Cha is good for the country.
Cha-Cha can greatly change the way how the Philippines goes so as responsible Filipinos, we must carefully decide and think about what will happen if the Cha-Cha will be successful or not.

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