Characteristics Of Strong Families

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Through research it has become evident that a strong family is built around 6 key qualities. A wide variety of families consisting of single parents, married couples and step families were either surveyed, interviewed, or sent questionnaires. This suggests that the trends found are accurate and reliable. Throughout the three articles there were a large amount of similarities in the qualities a strong family must posses. Both communication and spending time together seemed to be the highest on the priority list in obtaining a stronger family. The ability to communicate effectively has become a very important quality within the family. This quality allows family members to feel important and ultimately brings members closer together. The ability to communicate frequently allows problem solving situations to be resolved quicker and a lot easier. This trend was common in all three articles studied and the quality was heavily stressed to be affective within coupled marriage and step families. Following the trait of communication comes the quality time spent together as a family. The amount of time spent together as a unit reflects on how stable and strong a family truly is. In order to achieve a strong communication bond with a family, time must be spent together. Suggestions of family meetings and fun activities seem to strengthen the amount of time a family spends together. Having fun with your family is an essential quality that allows one to enjoy life to its fullest. Therefore, it is important for families to spend time together in order to build trust and improve the quality of communication. In conclusion, many traits and qualities were touched on in these articles and are very important in strengthening a family. Both the quality of communication and spending time together are seen as the most common ideas in strengthening a family within these
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