Character Development In Lesley Livingston's Wondrous Strange

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In a good novel, character development is important. Character development lets the reader connect with the characters in the novel and experience what they experience. In Wondrous Strange by Lesley Livingston, Kelley, a theatre performer, finds out she is a fairy princess. She meets a Janus Guard (a guardian of a gate, he keeps fairies from coming into the real world) named Sonny Flannery who helps her uncover her origin. A lot of unlucky events happen and suddenly she has to save the world. In the beginning of the novel Kelley starts out as a fairly naïve and even tempered girl who believes her life was made for theatre. Kelley is sociable with her cast (she is currently a professional actor) who she calls family and spends most of her time with them. Kelley is very sociable with her theatre friends/ family she tells them everything in her life because she considers them her mentors. This however changes, Kelley becomes fearful and guarded throughout the novel because she finds out she is a fairy.…show more content…
Kelley dreams “All of Manhattan was on fire. The streets of the city ran with blood. She could not stop it (113)”. (The dream is about the events after a battle which has not occurred yet) She thinks that because she is a fairy that all the events (from the dream) are going to occur (to others) because of her, as a result she keeps to herself. It’s clear because of the dream that she is fearful of the future. Kelley surprisingly does not tell anyone about the strange dreams. Kelley normally tells everything to her theatre friends however she keeps the dreams to herself. She becomes more guarded and careful of what she says to her friends in fear that her friends will think

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